Silly Village

Wood, stainless steel, silver, enamel, pearls, beads, thread

Silly Village is a small series that consists of Silly Circus necklace and Silly Sheriff’s Office earrings.

“Silly Circus: Carousel of popular opinions” is an entertaining show touring around the globe with its greatest hits.

Performing tonight are:
-My kid could paint that!
-Global warming is a hoax!
-What’s next, marrying animals?
-Boys will be boys!
-Immigrants are stealing our jobs!
-Straight white men are oppressed!

“Silly Sheriff’s Office” is a respected establishment maintaining peace and order in the Village.

Wanted for silly crimes are:

-Mrs. Butts: ate the seed corn
-Mr. Hickinbottom: sawed off the bough he was sitting on
-Mr. Fartz Jr.: built a fire under himself.

Photo by: Bella Antonio, Arseniy Kuntsevich
Model: Sergei Kizas
, Katia Rabey