Silver, pearls, thread, enamel, aluminum, plastic, steel

“Judgments” is based on a photo posted by Canadian student Rosea Lake in 2013, with this title. The image shows words written up a girl’s leg indicating various hemlines of what, in popular opinion, a skirt length says about women’s sexual intentions. This necklace does the same, but in the cleavage area: from the shortest necklace reading “prude”, down to “asking for it” that leads to “slut” hanging between the breasts. Each pendant is different in style and size from the “prude” written on a small silver cross, “old-fashioned” that hangs on a strand of pearls, and the accusatory “slut” – in bold colorful letters screams: If you can’t fight it – embrace it!

Photo: Katia Rabey
Model: Masha Kanatova