Journey to Jibbiard

A graduation project at Jewelry Design Department in Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, 2017

Photos by: Katia Rabey, Maria Pavlovskaya
Models: Miriam Sekhon, Magoga Machulskaya, Masha Volkova, Marfa Shiyanova and Sofia Sapozhnikova
Video by: Alexandra Kendel
Models: Dalit Itai and Naomi Yentin

Young woman named Mimi finds herself in a weird situation: instead of giving birth to a regular child she suddenly becomes the mom of a very bizarre monster. She travels to a parallel world of monsters in an attempt to make an exchange for her true baby. Her journey to Jibbiard, the monster-city, is illustrated through the collection of jewelry that can be worn both by children and adults, thus becoming a shared experience in the same way that a bedtime story is.

Mimi’s adventures continue through three books, and each one of them comes with a different set of jewelry illustrations – three families of friendly monsters that Mimi meets along the way. Each family differs from the other not only aesthetically, but also by the means it can be shared between the parent and the child.

First family consists of precious silver creatures in colorful plastic shells – while in shells, they can be worn by kids, but when the shell is removed, a whimsical but elegant piece for the parent appears. Second family is made mostly of rubber that allows the pieces to be stretched on different sizes, and the third family is based on the matching principle – while a kid can wear a bright plastic clip, the parent can enjoy a pendant or a set of earrings that translate the same character into silver.

The entire Jibbiard project speaks about bonding between parents and their children, about the time they spend together that doesn’t necessarily have to end when one leaves for school and other for work, because each one will still be wearing a piece of an imaginary world they just explored together.