Easy Bush Car

Brass, powder coating, silver, hand-knitted cord, aluminium.

“Easy bush car” is how a non-russian speaker would hear the word “избушка” (“wooden hut”). In slavic folklore an evil witch named Baba Yaga lives in a wooden hut on chicken legs – and by creating a funny version of this hut in popping bright colors I try to talk about the question of globalization of national culture codes. Something we always considered indisputably a part of our culture, a piece of grandma’s fairy tales –  suddenly gets dragged out to the light of day, becoming a character in a cartoon, a happy meal toy, a metaphor in a witty article. Is it a good thing? I know there are different opinions on the matter – but I personally love when something I cherish can be shared with others. It’s not like I’m losing the wooden hut by introducing it to a wider audience – and after all, these chicken legs are ringed, so you’d always know where they are coming from.

Photos by: Alexandra Pavlovskaya